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Our Mission

We provide loaner hearing devices for children (age 0 to 18 years) in Minnesota. These short-term loans give families time to decide and secure funds to purchase their own hearing devices or wait for medical interventions. A typical loan period is 6 months. We’ve helped over 800 Minnesota children to date!

Learn More

Are you a parent or guardian seeking devices for a child with hearing loss? Connect with your provider to determine if the loaner bank is right for you.

Are you a provider? Fill out our provider account request form (download from Help Menu) or contact us at Sign-up to browse our inventory of up-to-date technologies, including hearing aids, bone conduction devices, remote microphone options, and more.

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The loaner program is administered by the University of Minnesota and was developed with support from Lions Clubs International and through partnerships with device manufacturers. Our program receives grant funding and website support from Minnesota Department of Health.